A Million Miles Away

Friday night, I’d just got back I had my eyes shut and dreaming about the past”

A time before social distance, a time before fear, a time before worry, a time when the flicking windows of faces were seen behind curtains as you walked down the street late at night.

Now those same faces are bunched together on a screen: jointed and disjointed a jumble of the familiar becoming unfamiliar. 

“I started drifting to a different place I realized I was falling off the face of the world And there was nothing left to bring me back”

Got up, got out of bed, dragged my fingers through my hair. Grabbed my keys and headed out. 

“Where” they asked. 

“I don’t know” 

It was dark and cool. As the music started I rolled my window down and let the air in. 


I kept driving that night. I drove until all that I knew was far behind me. 

Finally I stopped at a market on the edge of a lake. 

Inside I grabbed a cold bottle. 

Standing on the shore I saw stars and their reflections on the water and something else. 

I saw her. 

Something in her smile brought me back.

“We are standing on the edge I feel my luck could change… “

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