Fight of Hope

“I must struggle to survive

So the beautiful and perfect world

Comes back to life”

The world is not the same as it once was.

Humans are not the only ones who inhabit this place.

We are the good traits of their souls. However, the forms unlike us…

Our duty is to protect the innocent from them. We exist to battle. That’s all we are.

We must keep the peace of their world and push through, but

Is all the struggle worth the loss?

I’ve lost many loved ones, all to the never-ending war of defending humanity.

We keep fighting but, it won’t ever end.

Another fallen friend.

More sounds of slaughtering fill my ears.

I don’t want to lose any more of them.

“Just like my blood

Our fight still keeps flowing”


I don’t want to watch more people perish.

Are we any much different from those sin-filled beings?

Killing, killing, killing…for humans to sit around and watch us suffer?

It’s become pointless. We defend a humanity that’s lost its soul long time ago.

Yet, it’s the most peace they’ve had for eons.

For that, I continue striving once more. Even if a being like me can feel, even if I have my own life, because we made a promise.

Though we’ll inevitably lose more companions, I will honor my word and fight to the very end, no matter what it may be.

“Fly to an unknown end that surpasses time

Embracing fate on the guardian’s road”

One thought on “Fight of Hope

  1. I have not played Genshin Impact. Perhaps, the reasoning behind my profile picture is that the character looks cute. Nonetheless, I’m obsessed with how the song lyrics connect with the story. A world where our protagonist fights alongside their loved ones to keep the worlds’ innocence from the bad people during an ongoing war captures my interest. I can’t help but wonder what I would do if I transmigrated into that storyline. I’d probably be one of the many ‘no name’ side characters under protection…


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