This town don’t feel mine

I’m fast to get away, far

I dressed you in her clothes

Now drive me far away, away, away

– Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) by Deftones45cat - Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) / Be Quiet And Drive (Far  Away) Remix - Warner Bros. - UK - WO 445


Now filled with dismay

Search of better days

Hope that pain doesn’t follow

And again make me hollow

I ask, let me go

To where I don’t know


I wanted more

Than life could ever grant me

Bored by the chore

Of saving face

Today is the greatest

Day I’ve ever known

Can’t wait for tomorrow

I might not have that long

I’ll tear my heart out

Before I get out

– Today by Smashing Pumpkins
Today (2011 Remaster) by The Smashing Pumpkins on Amazon Music -


But it sadly does,

Creating a fuss

Feeling much more pathetic

Opposite copacetic

With no one to trust

Rumination bust


I talk to you every now and then

I never felt so alone again

I stop to think at a wishing well

My thoughts send me on a carousel

Here I am standing on my own

Not a motion from the telephone

I know not a reason why

Solitude’s a reason to die

Just you wait and see

As school life is a

It is a woken dream

Aren’t you feeling alone?

I guess it’s just another

I guess it’s just another

I guess it’s just another night alone

Now as I walk down the street

I need a job just to sleep in sheets

Buying food every once in a while

But not enough to purchase a smile

A tank of gas is a treasure to me

I know now that nothing is free

I talk to you every now and then

I never felt so alone again

– Carousel by Blink-182blink-182 – Carousel Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


My bedtime is near

I can’t sleep, I fear

Everything lost its fun

I can’t ever see the sun

Soon, a final chance

Hope makes its entrance


I want something else to get me through this

Semi-charmed kinda life, baby, baby

I want something else, I’m not listening when you say good-bye

– Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye BlindThird Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


Sing myself this song

Says to move along

Lets me wake everyday

Lets me sleep everyday

All morning and night

All the fears, I fight


So a day when you’ve lost yourself completely

Could be a night when your life ends

Such a heart that will lead you to deceiving

All the pain held in your

Hands are shaking cold

Your hands are mine to hold

Speak to me

When all you got to keep is strong

Move along, move along like I know you do

And even when your hope is gone

Move along, move along just to make it through

Move along

– Move Along by All-American Rejects


Pass away and smile as your pain is eased

Or see the future opportunities seized?

The latter I chose in hopes these thoughts will cease 


And looks like she could have been

Happy in another life

In another life

Happy in another life

Met her at a party

And I took her home

She is the saddest girl

That I have ever known

She wakes me up

In the middle of the night

Just to tell me

Everything will be alright

Amy smiles at me and tells me

Everything will be alright

I tell myself the same damn thing


– Amphetamine by Everclear

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