Love Somebody Else

“The more I live I am convinced that everyone just wants to be in love.”

I have been guilty of wanting nothing more than to be in love. It all started in 3rd grade, when he moved in. By he, I mean Dylan Mclaughlin. I remember the exact day when his family’s van showed up across the street from my balcony. He came spilling out and immediately sprawled out on the grass, throwing his baseball in the air. I had shook my head in disgust as my mother had called me down to introduce myself to him.

“I’m Dylan,” he had said, “what’s your name?”

“Sam,” I responded

“Do you want to play catch with me?”


Fast forward to eighth grade, and Dylan was still trying to be friends with me. It was like he was totally obsessed with me! It was so embarrassing! But, when he asked me if I wanted to dance with him at the eighth grade formal, I said yes, not wanting to be a total jerk. 

As we danced and talked, I began to see a different side of Dylan. He was sincere and had a lot of cool experiences, like when he went scuba diving in Hawaii. That night I learned that Dylan was more than just an immature boy who would not leave me alone. I also learned that I wanted him in my life, not just as a friend, but as something more.

By high school, I had the biggest crush on him. However, every girl at Kennett High School was also in love with, and they had a way better chance than me. I had grown closer to Dylan, but only as a friend, keeping me in the “Bestfriend Zone”. Little did I know that he also liked me, but didn’t think he had a chance either. 

After many years of unknowingly pining for each other, he finally asked me on a date after graduation. We dated for a year and a half, and thank goodness he didn’t do anything to make me want to break up with him, or else I wouldn’t be here today, standing at the altar, ready to marry Dylan McLaughlin, because I love him.

“And I don’t wanna love somebody else.”

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