Go to Bed

“Laugh like you’ve gone mad time to say goodbye to tears Run”

“Go to bed.” they said 

I lay staring at the ceiling, looking at the three glowing toy stars on my wall and started to ponder about myself. When I look at one star the other two disappear, same thing happens when I switch to the other star. 

I close my eyes only to see my lingering thoughts. I open my eyes with tears that slowly start to burn. 

“Never look back In my two hands hundred bands I’m a loser” 

My eyes turn red, covered with veins. 

“Do people see me like this?” I said.

I spoke out loud to myself, well to comfort my mind I suppose. I don’t think it really worked. It felt as if a sword keeps slicing through my throat and mouth. I thought about happy things, like cats and dogs and slowly went to sleep. 

“Endless rhythm This darkness that swallowed the scream Growing gap between you and me

You appeared in my dreams again, almost like it never happened. 

The happiest moments when we would talk for hours and laugh. The mother figure you were. The way no one else noticed. 

I shoved cake and cookies down. I ate continuously, I couldn’t care less about the world. I should have calmed down and thought about what I’ve said because now I can’t look at you properly. 

In the forgotten “Diary of Two”

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