Glass Heart

“Endless nights”

“Love trapped us in a windowless room”

“Long for love even though it hurts every time”

Dear special someone,

The clock strikes.

It’s midnight. 

I’m waiting for you again.

In the blanket of darkness.

A call is all I’m longing for.

Where did the nights take you?

Yours Truly. 

“I am shattered”

“I’m so afraid”

“That you will leave me again

 in the end”

As the morning sun peaks into my curtains, I wake up to an empty bed yet again.

The overwhelming sensation of having to live another day without you hits me. 

They say time heals everything. Lies. Everyday, it gets harder and harder.

The thought of having to live without you for the rest of my life chips a piece of my heart off everyday.

Why did you have to leave so soon?

“Everyone eventually leaves”

“I’ve become numb to crying”

“Hurt over and over again”

All of my days are spent trying to fill the void you left me with.

The days drag on longer and longer.

Everything reminds me of you. Everyday I miss you.

I’ll wait for you until the day I see you again.

“Full of loneliness”

“This garden bloomed full of thorns”

“A flower that resembles you”

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