The Man Who Fell For a Ghost

“My mother said I’m too romantic. She said ‘You’re dancing in the Movies’”

 But I never believed that I would experience love at first sight

 Until the moment I laid my eyes on you

 The butterflies I felt caused me to feel quite a fright

 Because it came right out of the blue

 You danced around a sea of people,

 Drowning out the all the sound

 As if the world had stopped all around, 

 Only to watch you

 When our eyes met

 It became a moment I could never forget

 You then asked me if I wanted to dance

 And I thought, “Who wouldn’t take the chance?”

 We partied until the sun rose

 And even went on a morning stroll

 After spending the whole day with you

 I’d never felt more in love with someone I barely knew

 The moment we said our goodbyes

 Was the last time I felt alive

 After searching for you for such a long time

 I felt like cupid had committed a crime

 I’ve been told it was all a dream

 Or a psychotic break as it would seem

 I’ve been trying to find you since the day we said goodbye

 But all I’ve been told has led me with sighs 

“My neighbors think I’m crazy. But they don’t understand. You’re all I had, you’re all I had”

The universe had torn us part

Before we even met

Causing a pain in my heart

To plans I had already set

The power of cupid struck me so 

But is it even possible to fall in love

With the ghost of someone I don’t even know?

Our love story would go down in the books

One that would keep our readers hooked

With the title of a man who fell in love with a ghost

One whom he loves the most

So I will lay by your grave every night

Looking up to the moon

“In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me, too. Or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon?”

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