Life Will Be Okay

Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away….

Now it looks as though they’re here to stay”

 I lay on my bed grieving about the last day. Why did I say that, I just lost myself. I can’t bear to go to school today. Everyone is on their side and not mine. A mix of emotions swirl through my head. Regret, I’ve ruined my life and there’s no going back. Loneliness, nobody cares or feels for me. I am alone because nobody wants me, no one loves me, and not a single person even thinks about me. Trapped, I can’t escape the constant corrections or the voices inside my head. They beat me, until I am mentally no more. I can’t control my thoughts that slave me every second of my life. I get up and slump outside. The feel of the wind and the smell of the flowers brings me home. This is my happy place. I hear the thunder and feel the droplets. Rain. I love the rain. It washes off all of my fears and worries. Sopping wet I am, but for once I feel at peace. Maybe everything will be alright. Maybe I am enough. And maybe, people will care. 

“Slowly learning that life is okay” Take on Me

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