Sorry, I love you

“To be just friends, you’re too beautiful

To just stay as friends, I know I’ll regret this so

I know I’ll regret, so I decide to express my feelings”

He stood 3 steps behind her in the school hallways. School had just ended. He told her to wait in front of her locker for a surprise. 

She stood there, impatiently waiting while rocking on her heels. Her chocolate brown hair draped over her perfectly squared shoulders as she stared down at her feet.

A smile bloomed onto his face. 

That was the girl he loved.

“I can’t, I can’t hide my feelings for you anymore (For you anymore)

I bravely take a step closer to you (To you)”

He felt a burst of bravery in his chest. Slowly he approached her and gently pushed her face up.

“I’m sorry, but I think I like you” He said sheepishly.

All she did was smile up at him. The same smile that made him fall in love all those years ago.

He couldn’t hold himself back and decided to lean in.

“I blame myself, I blame you

I don’t know whom to blame, my resent grows

Trying to break down the wall between us just breaks my heart”

After being together for months, their first argument occurs. They heard stories about how bad it could be, but he never thought it would ever get this bad. 

He resents her but at the same time he hates himself.

“She’s in the rain

She’s dying inside

She wants to think that it’s a lie, why, why”

While the boy is resenting her, she is in pain. She cannot believe the words she said or the words he said. She wishes it was all a lie.

“The fact that we’ve grown even further apart than we were makes me weary

Because of my honesty, there is no relief, all that remains is regret”

They both suffer in regret alone, missing each other.

“We’re in the rain So I could see how beautiful you are”

In the end, they finally work it out and stand together. No longer alone and no longer filled with regret. She smiles at him and he falls in love all over again.


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