Moving Forward

I like my own company” 

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying being alone. When your alone there’s a lot more about the world that you tend to notice.

More lately than not I’ve found myself being alone just thinking about the world. I guess that’s expected when you have a limited time left.

“Sometimes the silence guides a mind”

“Head in the clouds but my gravity centered”

I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling wondering where life would take me today. Somehow I ended up at the beach without really knowing how I got there in the first place. 

“I hate the beach But I stand in California with my toes in the sand”

With the breeze going through my hair and the salty mist against my face I think of every moment in my life that lead to where I am now. 

The more I think the more each memory becomes precious. 

“When did I become like this?” I think. 

“When did I become so focused on myself?”

“I’m not always selfish”

Life just somehow became so much more introspective. I became worried about regret, about the things that I would miss. There’s so many things I was looking forward to, yet I barely have time to think about doing any of them. 

“I want the world in my hands”

Even with all these worries I am happy with the life I’ve lived. I can worry but it won’t change anything, so I might as well look back with a smile on my face.

“The best things in life are already mine”

I sit in the sand tracing random shapes with my fingers.

“There’s one last thing I want before it’s to late”, I smile to myself as this thought passed through my mind, “ not because of regret, but one last happy memory” 

“Let’s have an adventure”

“…to a place so far away”

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