Omniscient Thieves

“Here we find our omnipotent outlaws fall behind the grind tonight”

“He’s sounded the alarm, I hear the sirens closing in”

We didn’t know that we could be caught like that.  I mean, we were given information of how to commit a bank heist from the omnipotent book. 

S: “It was never wrong before, so how would it be wrong now?”

K: “I don’t know, but the cops are closin’ in. Run, quickly.”

Who is the worker that deviated from the plot? That may be something we never find out, as the cops arrived the moment we got in. I whispered is there another book??, to S. But that should be impossible. There should only be one.

“Our paper faces flood the streets”

“We live as ghosts among these streets”

I can’t believe we almost got caught. We’re all over the news now, so we can’t even leave our house. 

S: “Hey, we’re all over the news now. What’re we gonna do?”

K: “Hide out until the world forgets our existence. Duh.”

But then fast forward ten years we’re still cramped up in this damn house. Not knowing what to do anymore. It’s so boring here. Though, I’ve been thinking. Thinking on how we even got to this situation in the first place. I’ll probably die going insane here, so I’ll leave this will, burn this book, as I don’t think “S” will let me. DOn’t let this book fall into another’s possession. Please. 

This is “K” signing off.

“Dim the lights, shut the blinds

But I’m counting the time

Am I nervous or am I insane.”

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