Maybe I’m Tired

¨Cling to your side

Voices at night

Cover my eyes I’m terrified¨

Reminiscing on our past, our sacred memories

My mind is racing..                       

Recapturing the feeling of comfort

of how you once talked nonsense to distract me from my restless thoughts

Or the feeling of ease when you’d rest your hand on my face..

All these memories lie deep in the core of my head space

“Are you awake right now? God, I just need to hear the sound of you

“Please, calm me down”

My fear of the monster haunts me every night

And despite the fright

I use your words as a pillow of comfort 

So as I carry the memory of you

All my nerves and fears start seeming to disappear

I’m lost without you 

With no direction, nor trail to follow 

As if I’m being swallowed by the weight of the world

“Please don’t ever leave me here

Alone in the dark ’cause I can’t help myself”

“Think I hit the bottom of myself, someone come and mend this broken heart 

‘Cause I’m tired”

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