In Another Life

Even the dreams get lonely

A lily stands there boldly, there stood a lavender next to it

They were inseparable, bonded by the earth beneath them

A tall shadow casted between them, a tall sunflower towered over the lily

Trapped in darkness, the lavender couldn’t see the lily and forgotten about lily

Blooming season came, the lavender and sunflower were gleaming 

The lily didn’t feel well, the lack of sunshine caused damage to the lily

+ it dawned on the lily that a sacrifice would be necessary

The lily felt hopeless, the sunflower was too superior

+ the lily and the lavender would not last forever

Sometimes it seems like I’m in your way

The lily decided to produce one single seed, and gave it to the sunflower

“Please plant this seed in a special place”

The sunflower decided to plant the seed next to the lavender

The lily withered away without saying goodbye to the lavender

If all is fair in love and war

+ years passed and the seed grew and grew

+ the reincarnation of the lily saw something

+ the sunflower was bending in the harsh winds

+ the reincarnated lily stood strong because the roots grew long

+the sunflower couldn’t hang on to the ground

+in the end, the lily won

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