The Doe and Her Fairy

“I love you so, (Please let me go.)” That is what her mother said seconds before passing away. Fae knew death was inevitable but she didn’t think the death of the one person who caused her so much pain would hurt her as much as it did. Did her mom actually love her? Or were her last words so kind because she was dying to get into heaven, literally. All the memories Fae shared with her mother resurfaced as she started mourn over her mother. She missed the times where they sat at their favorite bonfire pit. Her mother would always lay her head on Fae’s right shoulder. A week had passed and the long awaited day had finally come; the funeral of Doe Evergreen. Fae was the only close person in her mothers life, so she had to write Doe’s  eulogy. The only thing she wrote was, “The right side of my neck, still smells like you.”

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