Getting Real

“They’ll hurt me bad but I wont mind…”- Violent femms,Kiss off

As my father is in the mafia and he will hurt anyone who harms me. I should really warn them, I thought to myself.

And so I confidently stated to these jerks “Hey buddies go mess with someone else or you will get mopped…literally”

 I then pulled out a Target gift card to show my superiority.

Their faces turn to horror as they see my superiority unveil. So they then decide to profusely apologize 

“AHHH SORRY MA’AM please forgive us”. 

The Jerks ran faster than a deer in the middle of the road at night.

  In this moment I had truly felt powerful.To have been able to chase people off with a blatant lie. I began doubting myself so to see if this moment was truly real I was going to pinch myself.

“But that was just a dream”-R.E.M, Losing my Religion

Out of Time (album) - Wikipedia

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