You Are The Reason Why

You’d say you’d stay but then you’d run”

Knowing I was broken. Knowing I was vulnerable, and you still made empty promises. Giving you all of my love and in return, you broke my trust.Insincere and deceitful, you left like I was worth less than a penny. You left like I made a mistake. But my only mistake was you.

Giving you what you’re begging for 

Giving you what you say I need 

I don’t want any settled scores I just want you to set me free

I gave you all of me, and it still wasn’t enough for you. I tried to reach your expectations and I always expected the worst.

“I wish you were…”

Every word after this phrase ruined my perspective of love considering “yours” was a lie.

I wore my heart on my sleeve just for them to see how easily you broke me.

I’m not afraid anymore 

What makes you sure you’re all I need? 

Forget about it 

When you walk out the door and leave me torn You’re teaching me to live without it

“I want it to end.”

 The river of tears that ran down my face to the feeling of my heart dropping every time I saw your face.

You walked out the door and I waited for your return. I was afraid but I know I was only hurting myself.
Thank you for teaching me how to love myself.

“I’ve found the strength to say

The river of tears has washed me clean”

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