The End of a Getaway

“Saying goodbye to the siren in the distance.”

I look out before me, into that black hole of an ocean that dragged her away. Before the darkness enclosed her blue-scaled body, and from the faraway distance I hear her saccharine sweet voice call out one last time.

“Smell ya’ later!”

“As if I’d miss you, stinky!” I shouted back. 

Silly goodbyes, but we both knew from the way our voices trembled that there was nothing funny about it.

The waves crashed down, and so did I. There was nothing funny about falling in love with a siren, and terribly mischievous one at that. It only seemed inevitable that those miniscule yet priceless memories would replay themselves over and over again.

“Only a moment, and I’m already going insane,” I giggled, tears dripping down into the ocean.

“Let’s get lost in the magic”

“Shall we get drunk off a cocktail?”


“(Can’t stop fall in love)”

Blissful memories held an invisible yet resolute grip on my neck as I choked and cried out into the abyss. Those memories no longer evoked a smile out of me, rather, anger, frustration, emptiness, guilt, and most of all, loneliness.

But no matter how much I screamed, it wouldn’t have mattered. If it did, she would’ve killed me the moment we met. Instead, I’m left on shores separating land from ocean, only to be haunted by moments that I thought would last forever.

The waves fell down upon my knees, as if trying to comfort me and cleanse me of this harrowing feeling. I wiped off those relentless tears and smiled a horrible smile.

“Why do I keep thinking about things like this… After all, you’ve already told me this before…”

“…Girls don’t cry.”

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