Empty Room

Empty Room

“Shards cut, watch yourself, is this really happening? New friend, small rooms too shy to say hi to your imaginary friend”

“Careful, new things aren’t very kind to strangers.” 

Step after step, they come in closer. My friend, there is no time to imagine a superpower. The space of imagination here is too limited. There is no imagination.

“Watch yourself, the shards are sharp and will cut you for every mistake”

“I don’t want to meet your friends”

“What friends?”

“The people outside. Who are they?”


“What are fears”

“Whatever that you would imagine”

The footsteps grow louder, the ground trembles, and you hear the creaking of the wood. The door opens, but there is nothing standing in the hallway. There’s nothing, only the feeling of emptiness. The chill breathes down your spine.

“Look around, watch yourself, is it what you want? Look around, watch yourself, is this really what you want?”

He realized.

This is the end of the road. The emptiness that I wanted is my worst nightmare. 

The wish of me wanting to be alone appeared. Its my worst nightmare. Its my best dream. 

Everything is a double edged sword. I got what I got. I suffered from what I got.

“Remember that it isn’t always your fault. Remember that a poorly drawn person can still be loved”

“Like it’s not a murder, it’s an inevitable tragedy”

Bedroom Community by Glass Beach

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