A Small Kid with a Big Dream

“My success is not something coincidental”

“Let that hunger deep inside represent you”

It’s the fourth quarter of the championship game, with the a tied score at 55. With only 10 seconds left on the clock including the trophy on the line, the ball is passed into my hands.

9… 8… 7…

The defender’s hands are all up in my face. As I pound the ball from left to right, I blow by my defender. As I shoot the ball, it flicks off my finger and seems to have a perfect arch. 


My eyes opened wide, leaving me in shock. The opposing team grabs the ball and cheers from the crowd erupt the gym. With 4 seconds left, sprinting from coast to coast, they shoot a deep 3-pointer.


His whole team is chasing after him, chanting his name. All this, because I couldn’t hold the ball for the last shot.

“I put in more time, more grind, no lyin'”

“I didn’t take the fast route”

That night, I stare into the blank, dark ceiling. Thinking of every possible solution that could go in my favor. I replay myself in that exact situation, trying to learn what I did wrong. Not only what I did wrong, but what I could’ve done better. Doing this, I would learn from my mistakes and not repeat it in the future. 

For instance, I could’ve been more patient, letting the clock tick down, taking the last shot. Maybe I could’ve just made the shot when I had the chance. Or even keep calm and not breakdown under pressure in the moment. These are the possible solutions that I’ve thought of that would go in my favor. 

Beep beep! Beep beep!

My heavy eyelids slowly open, my fluffy blanket puts me at ease and comfort. However, I remember the feeling of regret and defeat which really gets me out of bed. I spring up and get ready for my day, wasting no time.

“Go to work, no grind, no shine, no shine”

“Suck it up, no cryin’, no cryin’, no cryin’”

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