My Little Galaxy

“You are my little star.  Never stop shining brightly.”

The words echoed in her brain like thunder. 

She yearned for one more conversation, one more laugh, one more moment with her mother. 

Those memories were so long ago, yet vivid like the sun. 

She tried to live up to her mother’s words, but life’s cruel ways blew her off of her path.  Other than her mother, no one had showed her love, even the “friends” who had never caught her when she fell. 

She had an incredible mind but was lost in the immense galaxy of life.  For the last 18 years of her life, she felt lost and helpless.  She had expected the world, but was faced terrible stains and scars of life.

Nevertheless, she searched for a meaning.  A meaning to make herself full.  Joyful.  Valid. 

The stains of life could not and would not hold her back.  She was an adventurer and took on her love for astronomy.  She longed to be a warrior among the skies… searching far and wide among the vast space.

She was happy now… she knew the true meaning of life.  She smiled at her mother in the sky.

“I did it, mom.  I am your galaxy.”

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