If it means anything

“I miss when we would stay up late”

 Late Waters

I miss when we would stay up late. When the times where mysterious waters started emerging from the walls. We would swim into a new mysterious world with different structures. The people welcoming us with ease and showing us the beautiful views. Suddenly we would see creatures that weren’t so friendly and would try to devour us as we walked passed. I would discover different treasures beneath the caves and you would discover foods that were never seen before. And remember when the big water dragon, Yokszuko, who arrived to greet our presence. When he would breath and we would feel a warm feeling yet shivering feeling in the water. Until the time became morning and everything dissolved back into the walls and we are met with a hot shining light out the window. This was our little secret for the rest of our lives. 

“Baby it’s just me and you, baby, it’s just you and me”

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