Star from Another World

“If we can make even the darkness shine, it will become a starry sky. 

悲しみを笑顔に もう隠さないで

Sadness will turn into smiles, so don’t hide them any longer”

煌めくどんな星も 君を照らすから

Staring out into the starry sky filled me with a sense of euphoria and warmth.

Each flickering light, each shooting star that painted the dark of the night; it reminded me of you. 

Despite the icy air rushing in, I allowed myself to comfortably drown with the thoughts of yesterday along with the sound violin strings that played in the distant background.

“From a sky filled with wishes, tomorrow will soon come.

The light that led me was you”

I poured myself a cup of tea and sighed. Afterall, it was only some time ago that we stood under the same light where I promised to hold your hand forever. 

Truthfully, I still reach out for it sometimes. 

“The morning light I greeted, having forgotten to even sleep, was stingingly bright”

 眠りも忘れて迎えた朝日が やたらと突き刺さる

My greatest wish was to keep this innocence alive but I failed to protect that dream.

Clinging tightly onto the last bit of hope, I close my eyes and move forward, feeling a sense of contentedness.

Thank you for everything.

It may not have been the happiest ending between us and in the end we couldn’t keep our promises. 

You may also not be standing here today however, I know this; No matter where you are, my heart will always follow.

…oh? Has the sun already risen? 

We go through these changing seasons looking forward to our own tomorrows

 巡る季節を駆け抜けていく それぞれの明日を見て

Choosing our own dreams”


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