The Burden of These Walls

“I put a smile on my face”

“No matter how I feel”

“But what’s the purpose of doing all the things I did”

I sat upon the throne, greeting the guests with a gentle smile. One by one they walked up the the steps, bowing and displaying their affection through extravagant gifts. Like a chandelier casting its glow, laughter and warmth filled the palace, ironically, it was all fake.

“Look at her, she thinks she’s all high and mighty just because she’s a princess.”

“Who does she think she is, spoiled brat. If it weren’t for her father I would’ve thrown her out by now.”

Yes, that’s me, the brat of the kingdom, all because I’m the king’s daughter. I helped bring peace and prosperity to our kingdom, and get threats and criticisms in return–a mere pawn for political peasantries. What’s worse is most of these are coming from my own step-mother and step-sisters, whom everybody adores.

“I’ve had a mask for so long”

“I lost the touch to be real”

“I wish I could convey how I feel”

The disdainful glances, sneers, and obnoxious flatteries: I’ll seize it all and set them ablaze. A miniscule piece of my heart knows how everyone truly views me, and the pain sears me. But I’ll burn it, not even a spec of ashes are worthy of my time. Burn it, so that I will never go back and shed another worthless tear. 

Instead, I will plaster a smile on my face and lead my kingdom, following my responsibilities as a proper princess should. Nothing like that peasant born child, frolicking around, excited about entering the upper-class.

I will plunge myself in countless hours, days, and years of work for the sake of my citizens. I will lead my kingdom. I will prioritize those in my kingdom, whoever they may be, and however they may act. 

“I’m done carrying the weight of the world”

“So heavy on my shoulders”

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