As the World Caves In

“The papers say it’s doomsday

The button has been pressed

We’re gonna nuke each other up boys

‘Til old Satan stands impressed”

And finally, we have come to an end. Closure long awaited from the arrival of weapons, do we enjoy our last moments in a place that’s been cursed with human touch. Or do we use our time to regret and repent our sins for the things we have done. I look into your eyes and can’t help but feel both. Just in a few more moments we’ll be nothing but toast. Even now, my love for you will never cease. So for now let’s enjoy each other’s company.

“I pull your arms right in

I weep and say goodnight, love

While my organs pack it in

And here it is, our final night alive”

Even as I hold you close, my stomach can’t help but churn. It was inevitable,the need for power to rule over the need to learn. I push away these thoughts and focus on you, how we have spent our time together and now our time is through. My regrets and repents come to an end when I think of how much I love you.

“Yes it’s you I welcome death with

As the world, as the world caves in”

Perhaps during another day, at another time I could hear your laugh again. This world is too late for us, but I regret nothing of the time I spent having fun. Let’s let the music soothe our worries away as we enjoy each other company for the last of our stay.

“Oh, I can hear the music in the darkness, 

Floating softly to where we lie

No more questions now

Let’s enjoy tonight. ”

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