All to Live For

“It’s been a long, long time

We’ve come a long, long way

No, I can’t see the finish line”

What is the most difficult part of each day? It would undoubtedly be gaining the courage to pull yourself out of bed to follow the same boring routine from as long as you can remember. Even the morning birds continue their daily chirping. Many people do it just for the sake of going through the motions while others acknowledge their own goals for moving forward. But my purpose for existing comes from the desire to be someone that those closest to me would be proud to have known.

“But we’ll be alright

‘Cause it’s all we know

And it’s only change”

If you don’t understand your purpose today, then that’s okay. There is always tomorrow and the day after that because after all, the sun still rises and sets. Take your time because once you find it, you will hold onto it and appreciate the things worth living for even more, I promise. Despite all that you’ve gone through, you are still here. Knowing this, it’s about time that you should go on with your day.

“These are the times we will hold

When our memories fade…”

Be proud of yourself for experiencing the all the ups and downs even if it feels like you’re moving backwards sometimes. Those reminiscences will forever be the reason why it is too soon to give up. Maybe you’ll have an opportunity to redo something you loved. We’ll see as it almost that time of the evening.

“If you need me I’ll be here

Right here”

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