Beauty and a Bike

“If I could ride a bike ,

I’d zoom across the world

With you sitting there behind me”


There was once a boy who was living his normal, boring life. Everyday was like a class at school, the same old thing again and again, repeated. The boy did not know if this is the life that he wanted until she appeared before him.

A beautiful girl at which he could not peel his eyes away from stood beside him, as she walked her bike through the alley. She soon decided to take a lead and leave, stopping the boy dead in his tracks. His whole life he was filled with such boredom but, this girl made him feel something he had not before.

“I want to see her again”


“If only you knew

What I would do for you

I’d jump up and hold you

So tightly

But I will never be

Able to do these things

So I’m just left imagining”


The boy could not sleep at night anymore. All that was running through his head was “her”. He did not know her name nor where she came from, he only knew that he had met the girl of his dreams.

This girl whom he had never met before, he wanted to help her, explore with her, and do so many things that he could not even fit it on a single sheet of paper. All of these things for a person that he had only seen once. Why did he feel this way? What made him have all these thoughts? Why did she start a flame in his heart? The boy had so many questions himself that even he did not know and slowly, slowly, slowly, he drifted away.

Everyday, he visited that same alley hoping that she would be there. He waited and waited and waited for hours after class just to see her one more time.

“Do you want to ride this bike with me?”

The boy heard a voice behind him. It was the girl of his dreams, smiling as she opened her hand out, a helmet for him and her in their hands. The boy nodded and the two biked together and talked for hours on.


“I want to tell you to leave everything to me 

I want to tell you everything will turn out well”


She had nowhere to go. She had been on her own since her parents left her long ago. The boys heart went up in a flame. He promised to help her and take care of her. 

The boy wanted her to always feel reassured. He wanted to make her the happiest person in the world. Because of her, he was willing to do anything and everything in order to protect and make her comfortable. Why? 



“I want to figure things out then go to you

and tell you not to worry

I’ll always be by your side

so that you can lean on me when times are hard”

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