One in the Same Except One With No Heart

In a far and distant galaxy

Inside my telescope I see”

a glowing moon that complimented the glittery stars. I loved to gaze into the open and never ending sky that filled me with the reminder of who I was. Just a small blimp in the time of the eternal universe who watched generations upon generations of people come and go. Suddenly, all the thoughts left my body as I saw something zoom past the sky inching closer and closer to the floor. My curiosity got the best of me, as I dashed to follow the small drone like object that was fluttering away. Why I had gotten the urge to chase this object was a question for someone who knew me better than myself, but for whatever reason I ended up at the edge of a grassy field standing right in front of some sort of distorted and broken looking plane. My tilted head and questioning look may have not been the most welcoming face to see for this creature that swiftly inched its way out of the hovercraft. Suddenly, both of us stood there staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Why does it look like me? I thought to myself gazing into the green eyed girl, brown haired, girl. I could tell we also had the same bad temper as she huffed and puffed around her misshapen vehicle, letting out a little moan as if to ask for help. Together we attempted to put back what we could, but with every new minute spent together, we observed a new like quality. But, at one point I decided to leave as my worries and fears started looming. I left the poor girl to fend for herself not having a care in the world about what was to come of this new found creature. Usually I was the generous type, but for some reason I had felt attacked by our similarities and yet disgusted at how different we were. Just because she wasn’t from Earth, or better yet the states, I had the urge the question her heart, and had come to the conclusion that she was bad. But ever since that day I felt something lurking. Not a presence, but a guilt. I knew I had wronged, I knew that I should’ve stayed, I knew that I was her only escape, but I had left. And now I cannot imagine a day going by without sinking into my own guilt. Oh how I wished for the day that I had not felt as though there were millions of others judging me. 

“When I’m in the shower I’m afraid to wash my hair

‘Cause I might open my eyes and find someone standing there… That’s why

I always feel like somebody’s watching me”

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