Beneath the Surface of the ‘Good Life’

Song: “Gettin’ It” – Too $hort

“quit complainin’

‘Bout how you can’t spend it ’cause you aint’ got it

You got what it takes but not enough to get started”

It was no longer what she could do, but what she has done with her life.

People judge: the more time she spent being indecisive, the more people viewed her as a disappointment.

It was time to get it together.

“You should be gettin it’

Get it while the gettin’ is good

get it while you can

You should be gettin’ it

Get it while the gettin’ is good”

They say hard work pays off. She had started to doubt that. She was taking advantage of every opportunity and keeping to herself, but her motivation was fading.

She found a shortcut to a comfortable life. She didn’t do it by herself, though.

“She’s so precious with the peer pressure

Couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexus”

She changed. Is the goal in life to have the fanciest things? She now thought so.

Not entirely a bad person, just another victim to the pressures of society.

She has a facade to keep up now.


This is her new happiness.

“Oh, when it all, it all falls down

C’mon, c’mon

I’m telling you all, it all falls down

And when it all falls down, who you gon’ call now?”

Song: “All Falls Down” – Kanye West

Materialism and greed is the downfall of many.

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