Head > Heart

“I think I’m scared I don’t know why.”

They thought. Afraid of anything and everything, they just kept to themselves. Like a premature chick hiding away in its shell, they remained in their personal bubble. Always paranoid of getting hurt by people, they seldom placed their vulnerability in the hands of others.

There were so many possible ways it could go wrong. Perhaps people wanted to manipulate them or use them. Or people would just end up hating them once they got familiar. They reasoned,

“And there are clouds in disguise, and I’m always terrified they might just rain on me.”

This unwavering feeling stayed with them for a while. Until one day they crossed paths with this friendly, outgoing boy. Their first encounter hardly stirred their emotions, however, after multiple encounters, they began to admire him. They envied the loving care the boy had with his friends, and wished to be like him. 

And so, they mustered the courage to do something about it. One day, they approached the boy and asked,

“I think you are really cool and I really want to be your friend!”

To which the boy responded with,

“Who are you? I don’t want to be friends with a loner. Go find someone else to be friends with, loser.”

His ice cold tone pierced through their fragile bubble and straight through their paper thin skin. They got home and filled their pillow with tears. They thought and cried some more into their damp pillow. And deep down they still admired the boy even after the exposure to his sour side. They couldn’t forget him no matter how hard they tried.

But the voice in their head spoke to them and drowned out the voice of their heart. It whispered, 

“You think you can change them so you really care ‘bout them but they’ll leave at the worst moments.”

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