The Dream


“What do I want to run away from? …Is it reality?” [English]

As I lay in bed thinking about the day I wish I could run away. There were some things I shouldn’t have done.

I wish I could turn back time, but I know things can’t be undone.

I lie awake slowly drifting off into what feels like an endless slumber with half of me hoping it is.


“In the middle of the night I begin to forget that.” [English]

As I fall into darkness I begin to forget all my worries.

All I can do now is dream.

Dream of a world 

where there are no worries

where everyone is happy

where everything is perfect.

But I wake to find myself not in the perfect world I saw.

However I still get up and continue to move on forgetting the troubling past and focusing on what lies ahead of me today. 


“As you awaken from a dream of

an unknown world

Spread your wings and take off” [English]


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