A Fairytale with No Happy Ending

“Welcome to Wonderland, 

we’ve got it all”

“Forests and cottages, castles and cards that can talk”

I look around in awe. Where I am, I don’t know. But I do know that this place is something you would read in a fairytale. The air is fresh with a faint fragrance of citrus. Around me are overarching trees with thick branches that covered the sky. Ahead of me is a castle, ten stories tall, and vibrant red. Without thought, my legs carry me over to the castle gates. 


I turn around and spot a rabbit with pure white fur and ruby red eyes. It glared at me with a menacing look.

“Who are you?” the rabbit demands.

My jaw drops. The rabbit could talk! Still in shock, I don’t reply. Suddenly, it whistles and an army of about 50 white rabbits appear behind some bushes. All eyes are on me.


A blur of white dots start becoming bigger. Panicking, I trip over a rock and fall flat on my back.. Before I can protect myself from the evil rabbits, I start sinking in the grass as if it were quicksand. My head and heart pounds as I try to gasp for air. Everything turns black.

Silence. I don’t know if I should open my eyes. What if I open my eyes and see a pair of ruby eyes in front of me. I shivered. Grasping the courage, I slowly open my eyes and to my relief see no rabbits. 

The panic comes back. Am I trapped somewhere? Are the rabbits holding me hostage? As my vision focuses, I sigh. It was all a dream. No, it was a fairytale with no happy ending.

“Is it too much to ask for a sweet dream”

The End

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