“We traveled the seas, we’ve ridden the stars”

All we wanted was to go home. Stars gleamed brighter but they seemed so far.  Here it was an endless hollow room that filled with nothingness. We couldn’t sense anything; there was no wind or weight. It didn’t feel real and there wasn’t any way to know how far you’ve gone. And we continued to move not knowing when or if we would make it back. 

“We’ve seen everything from Saturn to Mars.” 

It became hopeless every step and we became to question if we would ever find our way back home. But there was nothing to lose. We have been traveling in a space that filled with emptiness. There’s not much to do but to go back home. And the reward will feel great after all that we’ve done.

“I know some day we will, and even if it’s far away, get me through another day”

Cover Me in Sunshine - Wikipedia

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