Time’s Ticking

“Waiting for someone or something to show you the way,” was an accurate description of his life thus far. Feeling lost and confused, he scrambled around the classroom desperately begging and pleading with anyone to help him.  They all ignored him for fear of associating with him. Coldly and mechanically they marched to the front of the room and lowered their sheets into the submission bin.

For a piece of paperwork so essential and crucial for his continued existence in the world, it was appalling how he had left it to the very last minute. He frantically racked his brain for any excuse that would seem plausible enough that he would be granted an extension, but none came to mind.

He knew that the consequences for not having this official documentation finished were extreme. The paralyzing dread from this thought slowly swept through his entire body, rendering him numb. It was too late.

As the alarm that signaled the end of the submission time frame rang out, the proctor simply asked him, “Whatcha gonna do, time’s caught up with you…”

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