How do Video Games Affect us

Playing games can lead to many fun times and moments, but can also have very bad problems that come with it. First, let’s start with all the good points of playing video games so that we can get more people into playing video games. When playing video games, you can play with a variety of people, connecting you to new groups and types of people. It can also make a lot of funny moments happen, like when you’re having a challenge or competition with your friends and you die in a dumb or funny way. Sometimes though, playing a new video game takes a lot of time and effort put into it, a lot of care and nurturing, just like how a bonsai tree in a pot had “ a gardener carefully pruned it”. 

Playing a variety of games can also make a lot of funny moments happen, like when you’re having a challenge or competition with your friends and you die in a dumb or funny way. Different games can give you different kinds of experiences, and while some can be bad, most can be good when you’re with your friends. In my opinion, people should appreciate the games they’re playing and not rage when they lose or die since while we get to enjoy these games today, people of the future won’t be able to; the games that exist today will probably be forgotten in a few decades. And like what Michael from Vsauce said, “What other cool future events will we be missing?”, the people of the future too will miss out on what we did here in the past, which is why people should just enjoy the games they play. 

Now, onto the not so good side of playing games; this is where I will try to urge people to steer away from playing too many games. When people play games and they have too much fun with their friends, they may lose track of time and forget to do the work that they may have. Playing games can lead to bad habits with procrastination, and that can be a very bad thing for work ethics. Other times though, when in a game, there could be toxic players, which could be a horrible environment for enjoying time playing games. 

Developing a sleeping disorder, or sleeping problems can also be a result of playing too many video games. “23.8% of adolescents are affected by insomnia.” This is a staggering amount, and a fraction of that percentage is taken up by people who stay up late to play video games. Video games can be bad for a person’s own health, like causing people to be more stressed, or not get the right amount of sleep that is healthy, but playing games can also help relieve one’s stress and be relaxing for them. All in all, from all the points I’ve gathered here, I believe that playing video games in moderation is the best way to enjoy video games.

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