The Ball Brothers Bounce Back

Lonzo Ball’s Rookie year was an absolute flop. He played for the Lakers for two years but didn’t have the same confidence that he had when playing in High School or College. His dad set really high standards that sounded very unrealistic. Every fan of the NBA was saying how he will never be good and will be cut soon. He didn’t have enough time to develop in a big organization in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Lakers were in need of a ring, so they traded him to the New Orlean Pelicans. He had a few complications after the trade. He had a few minor setbacks due to his shoulders and knees and unfortunately missed 30 games. 

LaMelo Ball had the longest journey to the NBA out of the brothers. He dropped out of highschool at the age of 17 and played professionally overseas in Lithuania. After struggling in the pro league, he came back to the States and went to play for a prep school called Spire Academy in Ohio. After graduating highschool, he played professional basketball in Australia. After winning Most Valuable Player in the league, he entered the Nba Draft. From there he was drafted 2nd to the Charlotte Hornets. People believed that he would end up like his brother Lonzo… a bust.

After many years of fans hating on the Ball brothers and saying how their game is weak, the fans were finally proven wrong. This year, both of their teams are at the top of the leaderboards in the Eastern Conference. Lonzo Ball is now with the Bulls, who are the best in the Eastern Conference Leaderboard with the record of 6-1. LaMelo Ball just won Rookie of the year 20-21 and is top eight team in the Eastern Conference with the record of 5-3.

The brother’s very first duel was on May 9, 2021. LaMelo started off hot hitting two back to back 3’s in the beginning of the game. Lonzo knew that he had to stop his brother, so he guarded him and stopped him from scoring for three straight possessions. Lonzo then hit a three, then a possession after split two defenders in traffic and dunked to answer. As the game came to an end, LaMelo Ball put up 22 pts, 5 ast, 4 rbs while Lonzo had 12 pts, 6 ast, 3 rbs. At this moment both of their coaches knew they had special players and were celebrating.

The entire league knows that one day these two brothers would be the face of an organization.  Both players showed their true potential and are following their fathers expectations. They’re both on track to become All-Stars. Their past struggles show how much they had bounced back. Lonzo struggled with living up to his potential and injuries, while LaMelo, had to play in two different countries as a highschooler. Now you know about the two brothers, the 3rd is the real comeback story.

One thought on “The Ball Brothers Bounce Back

  1. I really like your knowledge on the topic, but I would also add that Lamelo Ball had nearly gone undefeated his senior year even having NBA prospects afraid to play against him because they considered him a “pro” player. Who do you believe to be the best basketball player of the three ball brothers?


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