The Vessel

I’ve heard many tall tales from the old man. Many times, he’s repeated the story about the magical lever.  It is said this lever could make anyone sad turn into a stable person. It’s strange, but my friend seems to need this. I’m afraid he’s rather dark most of the time. But could I really trust the old man? It seems I need to find out… 

I’ve finally found the resources I need for this expedition. I have an expert with us, a person who knows a method, a way to fix anything.  We have our allies, destined to also find the way to this mystical lever. My friend, the captain, knows the area around our goal, but not how to navigate. As such, this is a team effort, in this search.

He is the commander and owner of the ship we’re going to take. 

However, there’s just one essential problem with this vessel.

There is not enough room in a room for all of us to nestle.

Thus, we need a system, and a system we shall make.

The commander must stay in the pilot’s seat. 

He’s the best person to make this mission complete.

This expert and we, we’ve made a deal.

The expert stays an hour to see how he feels

We sit next to him for the rest, for emotional zeal.

Thus, we start on our journey.

Adventurous music playing to set the mood.

We jot down notes, continuously learning.

The captain’s tired, starting to brood.

Like a captain in an odyssey 

Our adventure gives cause to despair

Sometimes there’s light, but I still can’t see

The sight of our destination is indeed, quite rare.

All of a sudden, we encounter troubles ahead

Wayward souls, spouting out dangerous things.

An addictive drug, overindulgence of bread.

An assortment of troubles negativity brings.

Long, spiky arms, with relentless aim

The more they take, the more they want

They stabbed my captain, and now he’s lame.

Disguised as health, as if to taunt.

At first, we tried to reason with these creatures

Ask them to stay away from our goal

But they kept fighting with their horrid features

And so we avenge his restless soul

Captain’s fatigued; so we attacked. 

Fight them off, off our path. 

We only won because we had something they lacked. 

An obstacle to our goal incurs all of our wrath. 

We start fighting with everything we’ve got

While our captain is recovering in the vessel’s pit

Fight fire with fire, magical capsules to make them stop

But they grow stronger when our captain has quit.

Alas, our efforts and weapons aren’t good at all

The more we attack, the more they succeed

So we have instead put an impenetrable wall

The hydra is stopped, and for worry, there is no need. 

Onward, we go, on the unknown road

Dark and gloomy, the light’s unseen

The captain’s sad and feels so alone.

Gazing off into the distance, a candle figurine.

At last! We find the lever

A finish to our endeavor.

But as we gaze upon this image flickery

We discover the old man’s trickery.

This thing isn’t a lever at all.

It is instead a bouncing ball

It goes up and around

When it stops, you frown

And right now it is at a crawl.

A sad realization hits us,

Our captain won’t always be well

My friend is suffering unjust,

And we don’t have a solution to tell.

This ball won’t always bounce

It will stop, left on its own.

Eventually, it won’t move an ounce.

And our captain will go away and be left unknown…

But what if we do not stop coming back?

Thus, the ball will keep bouncing, and we can keep track.

We have made the plan we are taking: 

Our nonstop observance to keep the ball quaking

Our efforts to talk to him is not for naught

He’s a bonsai tree, in the attractive pot 

Now, the captain feels better

His smile now shows, much more often than ever

Even though he sometimes seems cross.

I can go now, grow older, knowing it need never be lost.” 

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