Why Do We Love Music?

Music is one of the arts that most people use to convey emotion with. Each song is like a journal entry that tons of people relate to. There are countless amounts of music genres that people use to express themselves. Music is so broad that everyone can find something that they like. Music is virtually the same as The Mojave Phone Booth in a way. Many people are intrigued but not for the same reason. People were so interested in the Phone Booth because it was so cryptic and unconventional like the lyrics of a song. Depending on who comes across each of these mysteries, they will have different meanings and stories. A question that I asked myself about that phone booth was, “How many people actually used that phone booth for help?” Music and the Mojave Phone Booth are mysteries that can help people. A song will have a certain meaning but there is always a meaning of your own too.

Plenty of songs help me express how I feel in a way I can’t verbalize. I know many people who feel the same way about other mediums of art like, drawing, painting, and poetry. All these art mediums help people tell a story that they want to share with others. Poetry can be written about anything or anyone and in any tone you please to limn the subject. Do you ever notice that the type of music or poetry you choose to listen or read can change whether you are happy or disgustingly sad? Some days I will only listen to love songs because of that one person that I can’t get out of my mind, and other days I listen to songs I cry to even when there is nothing to cry about. Even on my happiest days, I will listen to songs that make my heart sink a little. Why? Who knows. That is one of the many mysteries of the world. Songs can be so sensuous that you can describe songs and artists as “warm New York 4 o’clock light”. Behind each and every song, I am able to associate different memories and people to them. The genre of music people listen to can tell you a lot about them. It is hard to tell what a person is actually feeling “because of the secrecy our smiles”, and music is the key to that unopened door.

Associating music with certain moments is very common. Listening to a certain song can emerge us into a specific moment in time. It’s almost like you can view yourself from a third person perspective. Viewing different memories further down the line can enable neutrality to come into place. You might be more matured that you were before and can point out the good and bad of your, or another person’s, actions. Through music you might not be able to be an omniscient narrator, but you can discover things you might’ve not noticed.

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