Waldo’s World

Imagine being stuck, stressing out. You can’t find him. He’s too hidden. It’s all in front of your eyes but you can’t find it. This is the story of an average game of Where’s Wally/Waldo. 

The others, the adults, they tell us to not waste our time on “childish books”, they “pruned” me, “he whittles back” my “branches”. They begin “early to dwarf” our “brain”, leaving it “crippled.” These acts prevent us from growing, the steps to complete and find Waldo are like the steps of life. This exemplifies the movie “Scavengers” as the small details that we find and the steps we take in order to face completion. These things relate to how life works, small details lead to bigger events, and a plan is needed in order to progress correctly. You can’t go anywhere great without exploiting the small weaknesses found within the details you see and a good plan would guide towards the end. Lastly, Where’s Waldo/Wally the reference that the game makes towards an answer requires you to question what is happening. It shows why you would and how you would if there was a goal. These questions that you would assume will skyrocket and branch out into others. This, in turn with a goal and being able to notice things will make you see things that people have never seen before, leading to newer opportunities. From the top to the bottom, the left to the right. Just like the man and his obsession with the telephone booth, you questioned, you never gave up, and determination flowed through your veins. Questions lead to questions that expand into branches of a tree. The questions carve a path around what you’re doing and would eventually lead you towards an answer. You know, they just help you think more and think why this reacts to this or why this is here or not. Even better, it shows you the determination you would need to find Waldo. Even if the man isn’t spotted, you would still have to keep looking. It’s like a murder mystery case, the determination of what it takes to find Waldo matches the detective’s eyes on finding the criminal.

Truly, at the end of things, this game is the basics of life. The things that we go through, the things that we need to succeed all have their roots placed into the eyes that we use to look for Wally/Waldo. So, is this game based on the basics of life inherently a good thing?


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