Magnetic Aesthetic

     Our aesthetic draws our emotions throughout life; a magnetic pull.

     Imagine something that you find beautiful. Does that make you feel happy or put a smile on your face? Your choice of aesthetic and how you perceive the world is determined by you. It’s these perceptions that can influence your everyday emotions. For example, if you want to buy furniture for your living room, you would choose the one that matches your aesthetic. With everything finished, you have a new room to appreciate. Just something like this can influence your emotion throughout the day or in general throughout your lifestyle. The aesthetic is about your perception of visuals and life which affect how you feel.

     Visuals and drawings while listening to something boring (such as a podcast) will affect how your brain perceives things. It’s simple; if you were to draw something that didn’t fit your aesthetic, it’s harder to continue listening to a podcast. Drawing with one color can differentiate from drawing with multiple colors, all depending on what satisfies you. Aesthetics are essential in many artworks. That’s why when you go to an art museum or search for artworks online, you may notice that an artist has a specific eye to what they want to draw. It all comes down to what their aesthetic is and how it can change the way they feel.

Photo by Felicity Tai on

     Life; day and night, is constantly changing but in general, your idea of lifestyle depends on your aesthetic. For example, your emotions throughout the day can be determined by how you feel in the morning. Imagine waking up, seeing a beautiful view, and making yourself breakfast. This appreciation will make you feel enlightened and can stick with you throughout the day. It’s the action of redirecting your mind to fit your aesthetic and what you want your morning to look like. You can also be living in simplicity influencing the way you feel about life. Blair Somerville said in “Lost and Found,” how you just need a roof over your head, food, and a reason to live. This is how he wanted to live out his life, which will vary with different people depending on what they value as a beautiful life. 

    Your perception of the world including visuals and life leads to how you will feel. It’s what appeals to you that results in a broad range of emotions. Someone living a simple life with an appreciation of colorful artworks and an enjoyable view in the morning is aesthetic. Your perception of the world differentiates from others and it leads you to determine your own aestetic. It’s a magnet. Yours points north and someone’s points south. But we all have the same result as we are pulled into emotions.

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