The NBA During Covid-19

Many people watch the “NBA” for numerous reasons. Some watch for competitive fantasy leagues, bets, or out of pure joy for the sport. Whatever the reason you watch it for, the NBA provides pleasures for many people, one may even express this feeling as “mind at peace”. Last year the league went on a hiatus due to the spread Covid-19. The absence of the league left a void in many people’s lives. The hiatus took months, and impacted people across the globe. However this year things are different… almost. 

Last season, as the NBA resumed from their hiatus, they continued to finish the season in “the bubble” . Inside the bubble, they still continued to follow Covid protocol such as wearing a mask and getting tested daily. Many players also documented this experience by uploading vlogs into YouTube. The league was still on the regular agenda but just in a bubble. The bubble consisted of seeding games in order to establish which teams enter the playoff picture. Once the playoffs came around, they continued to use the best of seven series. The Los Angeles Lakers soon were crowned Champions, however people were quick to criticize their hard work by claiming their road to an NBA title was easier inside the bubble due to having no fans, no travel, and less distractions.

NBA has to deal with coronavirus without a bubble this time - The  Washington Post

This year, the season took a turn for the better. As the 75th anniversary of the NBA arises, many restrictions are beginning to be uplifted such as fans being allowed, so far no postponed games, and much more. I believe If we come together as a community we can help end the spread of the virus, and bring the NBA back to normal.  However, decreasing the spread of Covid is tough, it’s sort of like “you give it a go and sometimes it works”, but with proper care following Covid mandates the NBA can finally be like normal again. This upcoming season the NBA is requiring vaccinations for all referees working NBA games. In addition to specific cities requiring proof for at least one dose of a vaccine. These cities include New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. If a player somehow catches the virus, they enter NBA safety and health protocol where they must quarantine and take many Covid testing until they test negative twice within 24 hours. Unvaccinated players will be following a much stricter set of health and safety protocols compared to the vaccinated players. 95% of the league is already vaccinated.

Decision to bench NBA star Kyrie Irving over COVID vaccine refusal  'difficult', Brooklyn Nets coach says - ABC News

As the NBA encourages vaccination, many controversies appear. One situation in particular is with Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets superstar, has decided to not take the vaccine, with this decision the team has ultimately agreed on him not to play unless he participates in taking the vaccination.  This sparks many debates among the fans, media, and even players. 

With the absence of the NBA taking a toll on many people including myself, I really hope the season can become normal as fast as possible. The NBA is like a “bonsai tree” , and Covid is like the “gardener”, who comes every day to croon the tree. Covid is restricting the NBA from an amazing thrilling season. 

COVID-19: Which NBA teams are happy the NBA season is on hold? - Raptors HQ

2 thoughts on “The NBA During Covid-19

  1. I really like how when explaining how the NBA has been this year, you showed many different sides. I like how you show how it has affected the fans as well as the players. This really connects with me because not being able to watch the usual NBA has made me miss many things I used to look forward to. Do you think that it is just to not allow Kyrie Irving to play?


  2. I really like the way you expressed the true difficulties of trying to do something as simple as play basketball during the Covid pandemic. I also remember it being very tough trying to get together to do any type of game such as basketball or tennis as everyone was afraid of potentially getting sick. How was your experience during Covid trying to play basketball or connect with friends?


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