The House on Bushard Street and the Stories it Holds

“Wrecking Ball”

I remember, when I was a child, I would always disturb my sisters when they were doing their school work. As I was the youngest, they could do nothing but put up with it. It was just like how other families worked, the youngest can get away with almost anything, while the older children could only play harmless pranks back that would cause an annoyance to the youngest. Well, one of those days, from what I can recall, I was annoying my sister so much that she got pissed off. So pissed off in fact, that she chucked a pencil at me. And you know what happened? It grazed my eye. 

Kid me knew lots of pain, one way or another, and that just added to the list of injuries/potential injuries I have. I was so reckless when I was below the age of 10. It was to the point where I got a big injury at least once a year hehe. But, as most people get more mature and grow up, so did I. The oh so carefree me from my childhood cannot be as reckless anymore today, which is a good thing to be honest, since the me now-a-days is more careful when making decisions.

Wrecking Ball image courtesy by unsplash


Boats are really something, cause if you aren’t used to being on a boat, you’ll get dizzy so fast. I remember when I was littler than I am now, I went on a few cruises, and ohhhh boy, it felt like my head was spinning off the first few days. There was also this one time, when I was walking around my entire neighborhood, and it felt like I was exploring this martian planet. Of course, this was when I was really little, so I can’t really remember the little details, but there was this one kid who I made friends with, and we’d always play in the park of the neighborhood. And within the park, there is this one playground where there’s a pirate ship, que the pirate roleplay.


Pirate ship image courtesy of Unsplash


Almost every week when I was little, there’d be a new little item or object that would be bought, and they weren’t the expensive kind either. The objects were always these cheap, yet fun items scattered around. One time, I was so curious about one of the items, and so I decided to pick it up and play around with it. It then broke in my hand… I was so shocked and surprised that, from then onwards, I stopped touching or playing with stuff around the house. I think that moment is what stopped me from being curious about anything anymore.

Thinking statue image courtesy of unsplash


Now I know this may sound like the typical asian kid stories, but when I was in elementary and middle school, I was forced to do all sorts of things, like Kumon, piano, etc. I was rarely allowed to go out because you know how it is with overprotective parents, they never let you go anywhere. The only times when my parents weren’t the stereotypical asian parents were when it came to my hobbies. They would let me do whatever I want as long as it didn’t clash with their ideals. They’ve laxed up a lot compared to a few years ago, though that’s probably because I’ve gotten older. My elder siblings also went through the same things, so we all share the pain of having to do many things.

Kumon image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


I’ve played dungeons and dragons with my friends many times before in the past, and I’ve been in many situations where I have to trust everyone else to get to safety before I start fighting. A little information bout’ my character, he was an elven bard, with many lightning spells and aoe spells which caused damage to everyone and everything around him. You could probably see where I’m going with this. My character being limited to being the last resort, I am a support for when everyone else fights. I remember when we first started playing that campaign, my attack almost wiped out the entire party. Good times.

On the battlefield, rings of horns blew, signaling the start of the war. I trail after the rest of the party, headed towards the opposition, and to my surprise, comes one hundred and fifty opponents. Casting bardic inspiration, I put trust in my party members, as I went for the head of the leader. As the battle went on, I found where the leader was at, and in my one and only attempt, used ‘Cloud of Daggers’. Instantly killing the leader and the officers that were with him, I ran back to my party members. End scene.

Dice image courtesy of Unsplash

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