The Mysteries Of Bevan Avenue

The Clouds Never Stop

There I was sitting in school, gazing at the clock every now and then wondering what my life is going to be like. The clouds move like beads of water slipping on a never ending leaf where they just move around and never stop. Days go on faster and faster and all these other people are growing up deciding on what they’re going to do with their lives but I’m just here, in my own world, lost in a maze of thoughts and decisions. New things come and go making you cautious of what to trust because the next day it could be totally different. But, I can’t be a chooser in life therefore I must move on and adapt or the past will consume me. I must find a way to be at ease with myself and find my goal and purpose in life.

silhouette of tree near body of water during beautiful sunset

Scabs and Scars

Sometimes in public I hear a loose insult slung at me like wet slimy spitball. Everyday you heard something new, whether it was racially motivated or physically motivated. It still accomplished the same motive, It hurt but you picked yourself back up. Eventually when you’ve heard so much about the things you might be insecure about, it hardens on you and this forms a layer that makes you numb to all these nasty things you’ve probably never even heard of. But these nice things penetrate this layer, after hearing so many negatives, you don’t know how to react to positives. It’s like having a heavy weight on your shoulders when all of a sudden you feel light.

Man, Fall, Action, Falling, Falling Down, Adult

Bò Lúc Lắc

It’s 12:00 the bell rings, I go to lunch excited because my mom packed me my favorite Asian food Bò Lúc Lắc. I open my lunch box and see that it’s packed with all my favorite snacks too but a fragrance that I deem to be delightful hits my classmates’ nose. I start to get ridiculed for the things I have, my face glows red like a lobster and I run away in shame when I shouldn’t be. I start to eat my lunch crying, spooning and sniffling at the same time, it makes me wonder why I cant be like the other kids with their lunchables. It made me feel so out of place and made me wonder why I couldn’t have the American kids lunch.

Shirt Holes
At school, Justin would go to his class shamefully looking down at his raggedy clothing.  He always hated wearing the same clothes everyday, kids would often make fun of him for having an odor even though they were all lies.  Everyday he would look at his shoes wondering why he can’t have the nice ones that the rich kids have.  He always wonders why he was born into this world with such poor living conditions.  He never appreciated the things he already had.

grayscale photography of human holding coins

My Ông Ngoại
There I was standing there beside my grandpa beside his deathbed.  Time started to move slowly and I had never experienced this before.  All these years thinking this would never happen, then having it happen.  I couldn’t believe it, someone I loved deeply is gone and never coming back.  On his funeral day, I learned to accept the fact that he is gone but I always kept him in my heart.  It’s better to leave him in peace and in my heart than to permanently grief about it.  I think he too would agree that I shouldn’t grieve for eternity about the loss I suffered that day.

Stones, Rocks, Stack, Balance, Pebbles, Stone Stack

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