Wandering Bliss of Mindless Creativities

Here are six stories that I wrote about myself, and fictional characters. Yes, I may have many grammatical errors but it’s all a part of the process. Hope you may enjoy them.

 “Brighter Tomorrow”

 I was there on that day and they were there, we all were. I don’t quite remember if it was raining or sunny outside. It doesn’t really matter anymore. We were all so young baby faced, fools. Not knowing the trials we were to face as time passed us by. All of us were jointly connected by that experience but separated as time passed us by. Ever so slowly yet simultaneously at the speed of light. We all wish to run from such a fate but like most things it is inevitable. So we must accept the rigors and domains of nature and parish within the earth when our rightful time comes. Let us rejoice together once more wherever we are as the past is something that will never change nor should it.

What is that experience you may ask? Well, It’s quite simply a pain most privileged people must all endure yet enjoy, school. We all hope for it to be better soon but it will never be if we think that way. So, as I have learned, live in the now, face the problems of the now. Do not give up no matter how much you plead yourself to. Since you will always end with regret no matter what you do.

(“An Emperor Imposter” Drawn by myself)

      “Dear Mangos Ripe and Sour” 

Time given not enough. You bore me more than the boringest can bore. To work on you is such a chore. Hours upon hours spent encouraging myself to work, but it is not in my power. Alas, I quit give up, what is worth? If not a means to judge those who lack the greater motivation from those above. The situation feels so unbalanced, like a paper boat who wishes to float. Hamilton could not gloat. For, it will sink down below the pit of man’s despair. Clasping and grasping for a chance of some fresh air. It weakens me to see, makes me want for better times. To the point where I must retire, I feel as if my arms and legs are on fire. My eyes extinguish the flames with my tears of true pain. Yet the scars will still always remain. Truly engraved in my poor anguished brain.

 The devices that I hold, will seriously come to unfold all that I hold. My sight will fade, my hearing will dullen, my hands grow weak and soft. Every passing minute I see my past fade into the could of been. So, what I must say is dear Roberto Nelvilis. You caused my ever waking pain though it brings me great shame. I dam you for inventing the modern torture. Inflicted on so many, give me a nickel or dime for there are plenty. All have tasted the effects of your poison on this nation. Dying we are, reminding us we can never soar far. Always in the clasp of the devil’s decaying grasp. He waits for us steadfast, for the hour cannot pass without us meeting his door. The clock stings 12 and my doom has arrived. Do not keep yourselves deprived, hurry off into the distance far.. far away. So you cannot hear the children yelping in pain.

(“Pirates Pain” by me)

“Betraying Brothers”

I was born in a country called Colombia where my mother and her ancestors were born. My older siblings had been born in America which is where we moved after the stock market crashed in 2008. We moved from house to house until 2010 when we found a dream home in Florida. Big, like a mansion that my memories seem to exaggerate. But there was also a lake in the back with alligators swimming by and a huge front and back lawn too.  Most importantly we had wonderful neighbors who I and my siblings would hang out with and a lot of shenanigans happened with them. Just like the day we were at my neighbors house and they had one of those small cars kids ride in.

The neighbor’s mom kindly said to her son “Be nice let her ride in the front since she’s small”

 With a mumbled response he said, “URgh… do I have to?” Then rode off with me in the front, my brother in the back, and his brother in the back as well. 

As soon as we were out of their view he said “Alright get in the back only cool people sit in the front” I was not coherent enough to sense the animosity.

This was an insult so I did what he said. His brother went to the front but then….

All of a sudden the neighbors’ kid who was driving ran over his own brother completely and drove off with us in the back. It was like an actual hit-and-run situation. Adrenaline circulated through our cores, we knew what had happened was wrong. So after cruising around the neighborhood we went to pick him back up. Thankfully he wasn’t injured but he looked like a bull running for a red mark.

“COME HERE! You little runt I am going to get payback” He said in a truly childish tone. Then he proceeded to run towards the small kid car.

“Nope! Nope! Nope! HEck no” The neighbor’s kid yelled.

My brother hurriedly said, “Step on it man what are you doing!” All while I blankly stared at them not feeling a thing or understanding the peril of our situation. The car unfortunately was not fast enough and the brothers got into a bit of wrestling consent. But the power of a mom is undeniable and she caught them.

“Ah.. you two are grounded for a month!

The day ended just like that and imprinted this permanent memory onto my head but I truly wished those days never ended.

Custom PowerWheels (20742067171).jpg
(Picture from Wikimedia Commons)

“Running wild”

The day was brighter than the sunniest days of June, it was one to remember. Josephine had come to visit them but she was not welcomed to where she was going. In her eyes, she saw only dread of every conversation she must have. She knew there would be those who would insult her behind her back then claim to love her but they cannot fool her. For in her heart lay a feather one that became heavier as the years passed. Each rejection and insult served to make it weigh more and more. To the point where she simply changed and she did not know when she did but she did. No longer selfless and caring, no longer willing to help those in need. Many would insult her and call her a narcissist. She felt the words Phil Collins once sang when he said “I don’t care anymore”.

So with all this misery-induced suffering, she decided she had to do something about it to change her path. Josephine looked in a sense of euphoric nostalgia to her past. When she had last felt pure bliss untainted by the knowledge of man. How her siblings would run and play with each other. How she was never alone because someone was always watching. How when she first went to preschool she clung to the leg of her mother having to be pulled off thinking her mom had abandoned her. How she wasn’t afraid of the repercussions of her actions. How she could roam freely throughout the gator-infested lake and dig worms into a bucket.

 Oh, those days were so long ago. There’s nothing I can do to bring them back so what I must do is move on.

Josephine shed a tear from these memories knowing its best not to cry. Or her prying mother would notice that her eyes looked fishy and investigate. Then starts a whole entire drama on how Josephine is unhappy and ungrateful and selfish because she’s suffering far more being in her presence”. Josephine learned long ago to never trust her mother, all she would find is betrayal and solitude. Nonetheless, Josephine started packing only what she could. Like Anne Frank heading to the attic, she wore as many layers of clothing as possible. The prices of clothes these days are way too high. She then packed up 2 objects she would want to keep as mementos of this horrible past. 

It’s best to never forget the horror or pain so that you may avoid it in the future

The next item she packed was her hygiene products as she did not want to go around looking like a hobo. At least for the first month of her journey but that wasn’t her plan. As Josephine had set up a life plan for herself. Plan A: Go to college and get a job, Plan B: Get a job no college, Plan C: Be a housewife, Plan D: Join the military, Planned E: Become a nun. But, running away was never a part of any of these plans. She had no clue on what she should do. The next thing she packed was food, food that would rot and food that wouldn’t she wanted to have as much as possible in order to thrive a healthy lifestyle. She then grabbed the most expensive things in her room in the hope to sell them before she leaves. To start off she has 5,0000 dollars to spend freely accessible to her. So she took a taxi and went somewhere. No one knows exactly where, but where she could be at peace and not be found…
 Backpack small.jpg

(Picture from Wikimedia Commons)

 “Berry bells”

Bells ringing, piano playing, slow dances all around. You can only guess what I was witnessing. A wedding, but not just any wedding, a wedding between two people who absolutely despised each other. You can tell it was going to end up with some messy divorce on live television. Though I didn’t care much for it I was just really bored trying to hide away so I didn’t have to talk to strangers. Even if I was at a stranger’s wedding I still knew their faces. So while hiding away I witnessed something even more interesting. I saw the groom sneak off into a small corner and *loud dramatic gasp* I met his mistress there. She was smart-looking, sturdy, and much nicer than his soon-to-be wife. He kissed her then played with her a little bit. After he left I walked closer to inspect her only to notice that wasn’t his mistress it was his PlayStation.   …Maybe I need some glasses after all… Still what a betrayal of trust for him to love his PlayStation more than his fiance. To the point where he cannot pass a moment without being within its grasp and controllers embrace. I felt a sense of duty to inform his poor… poor wife. 

My breathing staggered with anxiety to the point where I was panting. I thought to myself …Maybe this really is not a good idea, oh well no need to dramatize anything… and so I ran off. To avoid the awkwardness of a confrontation with his wife to tell her the oh so sad truth about her husband. However, right as I was about to reach the door I bumped straight into her, spilling her wine everywhere on her white dress…. WHAT the HECK am I going TO do, do I run? Or should I hide, oh boy why does this cringe have to happen to me…  I quickly compose myself and take a robotic face and apologize. Then I try to scamper away.

“WAIT just a second their missy where do you think you’re going? Who’s going to pay for this dress She says to me in a demanding tone.

“Uh.. ugh… I’m a kind, poor/broken lady, if I gave you some valuable information would you let me run off here”I muttered.

“Sure thang dolly tell me what you know” the bride stated intently.

“Well… your husband’s cheating on you with the PlayStation behind the curtains over by the water fountains! Byee….”I said as fast I could then ran off.

In the distance, I could hear yelling and crying. The beginning of such a painful day ended with me feeling great knowing that I crashed into a bad wedding. The news said there was a big fight where people were bruised, drunk. The most surprising part in the end was 

Cathedral of Trujillo, Peru - Bell.jpg

( From Wikimedia Commons)


Dear, to whoever you once were when we last spoke. So, long ago now was when it all happened. I have a long-overdue confession to make. I am sorry, for ending our friendship in the worst way possible. I felt many waves of emotions, anger, boredom. We had just been friends for so long I didn’t know what to do. My poor social skills caused me not to want to communicate with you about my feelings, a lesson I most painfully learned for the future. I’m sorry.. I ghosted you my dear former best friend. The memories we had will live in my head forever. As I regret the poisonous words coming out of my mouth harming both you and me. Like stabbing yourself to hurt someone else who cares about you.

I’m sorry. I told you to never speak to me again. These days, that’s all I want you to do. When I was mad that’s all I felt and nothing else. Later when I saw that I hurt you, that’s when my cycle of regret and depression began. All I could think about was you and the things I said. I prayed to god for consoling but he delivered it for you but not me. I was given another chance to be your friend once more. But, I couldn’t look you in the eyes. My shame overtook me like a doll and forced me to look away from you. I wish I could of said these things to you but I didn’t want to open an old wound and hurt you all again. I will never forget those days we spent together, how we could connect so easily with each other like a drug. 

It pained me to see you with a new best friend. One who had the same position as me. It couldn’t help but make me think you were replacing me with someone similar. If I’m honest I was jealous of them but happy that I hadn’t ruined you at the same time. As the years passed I often kept looking back on you. You’re stuck in my head and you won’t get out. Maybe this is my divine punishment or lesson. Someone told me I will never get over it just learn to accept that I won’t stop thinking about you. By now you probably hate me as you should rightfully so. I’m glad you hate me. I want you to wish the worst on me so that my words can never hurt you again. It’s been years, it’s time for these memories to stop for me too. So this is my last goodbye friend. I am moving on. From this day forth I will not see you as anything but a stranger, I will be able to look into your eyes and feel comfortable. My heart won’t race as if it were to burst as you pass me by… and as we once sang that song together I will say it now “so long farewell auf wiedersehen, goodbye”.


(From Wikimedia Commons)

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