Time Changes like the Seasons Change

Spring’s Story

Sweet black tea and minuscule balls submerged by the lychee bits are all components inside of the clear plastic cup that is adorned with a thick colored plastic straw. Refreshing. The green blades of grass flow in the scents of the surrounding flowers. Subtle tones of my lunch fill the air of bakery buttered bread smothered in creamy mayonnaise and layers of turkey. The monster of a meal fills me up until I am content and can no longer stuff myself anymore. Yummy. Will all days be as good as today? The beautiful scenery and delicious meal provided for a filling day that leaves me happy in the end.

Hawaiian Hours

The air of Hawaii is different and makes the time spent feel magical. Beaches like California’s lie along the coast of Hawaii where people are crowded together like pigs. Gleaming smiles come from the faces of young children as they stand lovingly with their families. Murals of colorful art line the streets and give off a certain feeling that makes us enjoy the vibe of how we interpret it. Cherry pink skies lined with faint tones of tangerine and lilac surround us like a dome of welcoming home. Waikiki Beach is really like no other. One side of the coast reflects a light beautiful baby blue ceiling and the other side waves goodbye to the furious blazing sun. An island unique to no other has the most beautiful ways to end the day with the dip of a star.

R&B Chill With Me

The deep plucking of the bass pairs smoothly with the passionate vocals of his honey-like voice. Just like the seasons change, he masters the art of changing genres and tempos mid-song. These songs are crafted so beautifully with relatable lyrics that it’s no surprise for people to bawl their eyes out while singing these songs. The songs serenade you to sleep as they’re like waves washing your stress away with their raw form. Warm yellow lights shine on the voice filled with soul and the crowd listens in awe. Hands raise in the arm and sway back and forth as if they’re trying to grab hold of a snowflake. Cozy tones warm their hearts so it’s like a fuzzy peach feeling and repair the ears of these broken people to help them realize that they’re not alone. Daniel Caesar knows how to leave people in a trance and addictive love spell to his singing.

The Versatility of a Peach

A coral delicacy that tastes as sweet as syrup and as smooth as cream compares to no other. Around the size of a baseball, this fruit has a small split down the center and is engrossed with a ticklish white fuzz. Peaches are only in season from late spring and into late fall. While peaches are not in season until another few months, all I can do is sit around and enjoy peach rings and peach tea, imagining that I am eating a fresh-cut peach in April. Peaches can be enjoyed in a chewy ring-shaped candy adorned with sugar crystals or even an ice cold bottle of peach-infused black tea. In Chinese history, a peach symbolizes youth and longevity. Peaches are just like Princess Peach in the sense that they’re both beautiful and simple. Like no other fruit, peaches set themselves apart from the others with their paperlike skin and juicy flesh.

Stoichiometry Baking Performance Assessment for Stoichiometry Limiting Reactants and Yields

Like following through with chemical equations and experiments, baking comes with measuring out the correct ingredients and procedures. Sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, and chocolate chips are all common components that can be found in everyone’s kitchen. In the winter, baking cookies are the best to make Christmas magic come true. During Christmas time, making snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies are the best way to feel like the traditional holiday season. The kitchen is covered with flour and the house is filled with the warm scent of sugary sweetness. Cookies are meant to be shared with loved family and friends to give our love. Cookies are like gifts that are filled with joy and sweetness. Pair a cup of warm frothy milk with freshly baked cookies to feel at home.


Energy rumbles through the ground as its stomach rumbles for food. Boom goes the beats of the music. Only once a year and at the same time each year is Summerfest. The warm sun shines on our tan legs as we stand sweating in line for a sip of a refreshing drink. Shouts of joy spring from the children as they win prizes that look like they came out of Toy Story 4. A bright neon sign with the word “Thunderbolt” flashes as it pulls me to wait in line for the ride. Forward and backward the ride goes, moving as fast as lightning itself. I question myself; When is the next time that I will be able to have this much joy in my life?

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