Watching From Afar

2 Person Buses

Nervous of blind dates because I can’t always trust my friend to choose the right guy. Spontaneously, I chose to go this time. He was a nerdy looking dude, scrawny, and was a manga author. We went to a café where the atmosphere was stuffy so I asked to leave and we decided to go elsewhere. Me and him were on the same boat where we didn’t have a car so we decided to take the bus to the beach. Loud horns, eyes so menacing like I did something wrong, sirens yelling, red everywhere. Last thing I felt was my date’s hand on mine.


Boys and girls should never mix. It never works out in the end. What I mean are friend groups, I’ve seen it done many times and every time it falls apart. Don’t think you are any different because the results are almost always the same. Someone catches feelings for another person within the group and everyone gets hurt. You can’t control your feelings—that’s the hard part—but at the same time you don’t want to see your group fall apart. Maybe you should have kept quiet… 

Picture Perfect

The perfect nose; straight, slim, and high. Squeeze! Squeeze! You will achieve the perfect nose. Look at the pictures and imagine yourself looking that perfect. Just keep looking in the mirror and judge yourself, tell yourself that you won’t be able to get there. Others will say you are perfect as is but you know that they’re lying. Alone in your bed go ahead and cry because no one will hear you. Are you okay? No longer desirable after that fiasco. Just accept it, don’t cry, it will make your eyes puff.


The honeymoon phase can happen at any time in a relationship, whether it is friendship, dating, or actual marriage. Day and night, I would talk to this one person because I felt like someone trusted me. Eventually the “honeymoon phase” wore off and we stopped talking as much and I got bored. Who’s fault is it? Was it mine because I got bored or was it his because he made me feel less important? I will wait for someone to make me excited to check my phone and eager to talk to them, without getting bored. The “honeymoon phase” should be a forever thing. 

Dragon Heart

My heart hurts at the moment. Why is it hurting? I watched my childhood best friend marry off, even though he told me that he was going to protect me forever. But that is not the reason my heart hurts. It hurts because I no longer have a human heart. I met a boy—not really a boy—I wouldn’t call it meet, more like impulsive decisions. He slowly crept into my life like a dragon going to it’s nest to rest. My heart opened up to him and I married him but in my head I did it to spite my ex-best friend. I was tricked, I never do anything rash but this time I slipped up and now my heart is no longer human.

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