House on No Street

Home Alone

I couldn’t believe my eyes, we were moving for the 3rd time. This time it felt more lonely. I lost the friends I made once and now it’s happened again. Loneliness. Although I had siblings, I felt that I could not talk to them. It felt like I was suffocating. Wanting to breathe again. This feeling made me feel as if I was falling down a hole. 

Longing for friends to talk to. Friends that got me. But there was no one, and there was nothing I could do about it. Loneliness. Although I was at home I never felt that it was a place I belonged. Trapped in a place where I could not escape. At home looking for something to do or someone to talk to. Eventually, that person came from a figment of my imagination. The person I created was a girl with porcelain skin and brown hair. We hung out everyday. This made me less lonely.

I was finally happy in the prison I stayed in everyday. But as we grow, good things come to an end. The friend of mine left. Loneliness. It struck again. I cried at home. Until… I looked up. A hand. It reached out to me and took me outside. I no longer felt so lonely.

underwater photography of person soaking under sun rays

Blame Game

Half-asleep I looked at the floor, not knowing what lay ahead. BAM! I walked straight onto a wall with a big “OW!” My head hurts. I cried out enough so the people around me could hear. That’s when a teacher came up to me and asked my friend to take me to the nurse to get some ice for my head. I had other plans though, we said we’d take out time heading to the nurse’s office but really we were on the playground. Hey, girls gotta have some fun somehow.

We hopped around for what feels like hours until we were caught by the teacher. We were quite loud after all. The kindergarten class had separate playgrounds from the other kids so it was quick for us to get caught. 

While getting scolded, I cried saying, “It’s all their fault!” pointing at my friend. I really threw them under the bus. They looked angry! But why? I haven’t done anything. 

We went through the school day pretending as if nothing happened. Until it was the walk home from school. There was always this man there with ragged clothes, hair as dark as ash, and he was smoking. I tried to avoid this man whenever, it was harder without my friend walking with me. He seemed so scary to be around. So I hopped over the fence so I wouldn’t have to bump into him. And there it was, a cat that seemed to be doing the same thing as me.

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Little Miss Perfect

People who look through my window see a girl crying. But they don’t know. They don’t know what’s making me cry. Whether it be my mom trying to dress me up like a doll or my dad expecting me to be perfect. But once I leave this, I know that it’ll be my mom running her hair through the silky smooth locks she calls my hair, staining my lips with blood, making sure not a hair is out of place, noticing the puffy red around my eyes but instead of asking if im okay she says, “Go depuff!” Wearing only what my mom allows no matter how uncomfortable as she sets me up with rich men. I don’t want to do this anymore. I can’t even do anything with my skills, perfect grades, perfect girl. What’s the point? 

Going to school all the guys look at me, but I hate this attention. Their gaze looking up and down disgusts me. STOP LOOKING! I’m human, not some piece of art. My friends come up to me with bright smiles, but they don’t care, they’re using me. I’m tired of this. 

Dance started and my ankles were hurting, but a break isn’t allowed. I continue. I don’t want to do this anymore. Suddenly, my ankle went out and I could’ve caught myself but I didn’t want to. Rumors spread. I’m not perfect. I cry and I break at times. I wanted to scream but no one would hear me. No matter how loud. All they’d say is, “j̶̧͙̼͇̼̼͈̳͎̜͎̦͎͙̓̃̋͒͑̿͘͝ẹ̸̢̧̩͙͍̱̪͍̩̻̋̃͂̌͗̂̿͒̋̇̈́͑̀̄̚s̵͍̮̞̓͊́-̷̦̼̬͓̜̬̊́̉̈́̍̂̃̈́̏͛̕͝͝͝ͅ-̴͉͙̒͗̈́̔͌̋̒̌̓̉̆̀͛̓̚-̸̹̭̣͚̰͔̻̘̀́̏̆̚-̶̨̺̗͇̖̮̝̩̂̀  has a bad temper.”


I looked around for something to do, I just didn’t want to go to school. Changes keep happening around me. At first scary but it’s a natural thing. It’s not a horror movie monster, but it could be even worse. I was terrified of going to school this Monday. I felt like there was a monster under my bed all night, lurking, keeping me up. It wasn’t a new school but I couldn’t help but be nervous. This is the first time I didn’t have friends. I was a fool to trust her with the secret. 

Nightmares woke me up all night. That feeling of humiliation.

I woke up with eyes puffy and dark, it was obvious I had trouble sleeping. There was no point in wasting time worrying about the inevitable. So I quickly got ready for school trying to ignore the sinking in my stomach. What if I just pretended to be ill. Anything is better than having to face Kim.

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Days In Hell (story came from reading horror)

I couldn’t reach the box. “Uhhhhh!” I grunted trying to stretch. I would’ve asked for help but i was in a classroom alone.  As I was trying to grab the box, a figure snuck up from behind. Out of nowhere they grab me by the waist. “Woah! Be careful there! You looked like you were about to fall. Don’t worry I’ll hold you steady until you’re safe.” A voice said from behind. Wait! I knew that voice. It’s RICKY PHAM’s voice!! I suddenly started to get very flustered seeing as he was hold my waist. But I noticed something his hands started to inch closer and closer up my shirt. My blushing face turned into worry. I ask him to take his hands off of me so I can jump off. He replied, “But you have yet to grab the box. Just keep going, I told you I’d keep you from falling.” I didn’t know how to say no so I uncomfortably continued. He starts to move, sliding his grip up and down until I throw him off of me. 

THUMP!! Ricky crashes straight into the bookcase. He gets up, his eyes glaring, eyebrows furrowed, those right there were eyes of a killer. He starts running straight for me. But seeing as I was on the track team I was able to escape him. I keep running even after I can’t see him anymore. I went miles without rest until I finally got home. What’s wrong with him? I kind of liked him but not anymore after he pulled that stunt. My thoughts Interrupted by a loud, BZZZ. A text! I read it and froze. My phone hit the floor in shock. 

You goddamn *****! Piece of ****! You’re going to get what you deserve! Watch your back at school tmr and at home!

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There was a picture of me in my room on the bed. You could feel how hard I was trembling from a mile away. The next day at school 3 guys had approached me. I tried to run but they held me down saying that Ricky will be here soon. I feared for my life at that moment. Ricky appeared in front of me knowing I would be counting down the seconds in anticipation of when he would arrive. Ricky told the guys to grab me and get in the car. We were brought into this abandoned warehouse that I now know as hell. Everyday the boys would come in and hurt me. Chaining me to the ground so I wouldn’t escape. I wondered what I did to deserve this because all I did was say, “No.” A month had passed and I almost lost all hope of escaping. Then a few weeks later I was found when a group was exploring the warehouse. They knew I was that missing girl on tv and I got out free. But I will never be able to forget those 50 days in hell. I could no longer eat alone or be on my own without one every few minutes… A part of me had died in the days I spent suffering.

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House on No Street

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