Know Yourself: What Impacts Self-Realization?

Perhaps there is no situation more puzzling than the concept of consciousness. Life is the universe and of what it is. Yet, we still have the obligation to interpret everything based on evaluation and our opinions. But why is that? These proposals continue to serve as a mystery for many to ponder about. Wouldn’t life be easier if we could just love and enjoy it, not controlling it based on our judgments? Think about the numerous situations that made you feel upset or annoyed. Going to the mall and being pressured to buy something you don’t want, being put on hold over the phone, or not being ready to order when you get to the counter. It seems like these small incidents are holding a negative grudge against you, making you feel unhappy with life. Then there are some moments where everything feels just right. 

Or at least, this is what the mind tells you.

Why do our minds react so strongly to negative experiences more than positive? Information is processed more thoroughly when we contemplate more unpleasant events. All the little annoying incidents start to add up, creating a more powerful negative effect on ourselves. One byproduct of this includes the feeling of stress or sometimes even jealousy. Stress leads to more negative thoughts, overpowering your positive thoughts.

Why do people continue to search? Some might accept that they’ve achieved their “nirvana” or happiness already. The journey of search dominates our mindset, believing that it can continue to shape our lives and build new ideals that benefit us. Being aware of our own state directs how we experience each moment in our lives. Step by step, recognition and reflection leads to the acceptance of an enlightened presence, and that present moment allows life to just flow naturally. Expanding your consciousness awareness moves towards being in the states of less confusion and anxiety. Thus, we see the beauty, peace, and the true significance of being here. Here, we can pursue simple and pure loving.

There is no need for interpretation or thinking about how we live our lives. We should just focus on the nonexistence, far off from the already fixed structure of our mind and how we interpret things. Life and love is everywhere and nowhere. Practice living in acceptance without the necessity to have the emotions and mind to take over. This is where you experience the fullness of each and every moment. 

Conscious awareness.

One thought on “Know Yourself: What Impacts Self-Realization?

  1. I really like the whole idea of conscious awareness. Your whole piece really makes you think and I like how you spaced everything out so you can take a second to ponder over it.


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