The Withdrawn Yawn on the Lawn

What types of pleasures do humans naturally gravitate towards?

We are young’uns, we are fossilized. We are cemented, we are sages. 

We are corked within, yet we are pressurized for explosion outright.

Herein wish exoneration, herein bereft of exploration. 

We are jump rope, we are sandbox, we are snaking ‘round the go-’round; we are rocket, we are blasting, we are evolving past the asking. 

We are the withdrawn yawn, on the lawn, beyond bother. 

We are the children that choose, the fools of following trend, of following leader. 

Who is it that we are, that we relish in recreation? Why is it that we are, enjoyers of established entertainments? 

We energize, excite, and electrify through play. We are weather-proof, willful, and warm when basked in sun. We are wildly expansive immersed in the wildly expansive.

We are the creatures of free. We are the emblems of glee, hee, or hah. Of gamble and indulgence.

That when we enforce rule, we introduce cool. That when we limit the game, we go with the grain. That when we surmount curiosity, we define philosophy. That when we meet avarice, the thrills of accumulation are magnanimous. 

From once we splurge, we…

reemerge as,

diverge from,

surge of,

purge out,

childlike nausea that engenders shame,


From once we reflect each other, we…

pause while,

inhale while,

hesitate while,

squint while,

the childlike machinations of love


fall through our hands.

Lest we deny,

we are? assured return.

Lest we are smacked with goodbye,

we are? assured our own terms.

Lest we hear nothing in reply,

we are? assured solace.


For every which way

that we forage for stimulation,

we make risky play.

For every which day

that we lose sight of our mission,

we simulate genuine decay.

For every which delay

that we cause, deficient in fulfillment,

we shove the heart astray.

And once fumbled is the grail,

the object of purpose,

we cannot let loose, exhale.

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