Can how you feel affect knowledge?

When two things do not relate, we must find the point where it does. Can how you feel affect knowledge? On the surface, we can differentiate between the two because we have been told that those two things should not mix. Yes, feelings can affect knowledge because it can have a positive or negative impact on the way we approach learning. That is up to the individual.

There are many ways to gain knowledge and to use our positive emotions to our benefit. Either having a positive attitude towards wanting to learn gets the person excited and to get them to want more knowledge. Or to have the pleasure of learning a certain topic. Other ways of feeling positive emotions while in the process of learning is the hope of succeeding. That leads to achievements and feeling accomplished. Now, approaching learning with a positive attitude, looking at knowledge will feel different because we feel okay with it. It does not feel like a dread. 

The cons outweigh the positive in this case. Negative emotions always feel worse than positive ones. It feels the complete opposite because someone has the fear of failure and would not be able to feel that they can succeed. The individual could feel discouraged because of the inability to understand. Knowledge is affected because the individual views it in a negative way. In a way they no longer want anything to do with it because of the lack of mindset. I’ve learned that it is okay to feel disappointed and scared because it is a normal feeling.

Knowledge does not have to be subjected to plain facts where no one actually gains from it. We cannot control the way we feel so there will always be some emotions while we are learning. Do not actively try to ignore the emotions, rather listen to it and see where it guides you. Only you will know how you feel about different situations. 

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2 thoughts on “Can how you feel affect knowledge?

  1. I do agree that emotions have a large impact on our decision making in life, whether we want it to or not. Sigmond Freud was a philosopher in the 1800’s who believed that humans acted based on their subconscious. Sometimes when it comes down to important decisions we often resort to quick thinking and knowledge to help us. To me Enlightenment is the acceptance of failure and grief, and I strongly support the fact that it is okay to feel disappointed or lost, because that knowledge will help you find your way back to yourself.


  2. I enjoyed how informative, yet casual this blog post was. I loved how you decided to focus on the effects of the way view knowledge. This could be a real game-changer for a lot of students, who dread school and feel obligated to be the perfect, straight-A student. My favorite line was, “I’ve learned that it is okay to feel disappointed and scared because it is a normal feeling.” Everyone will feel disappointed sometime in their life, but how they manage through the struggle is what really matters.


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