Do Our Natural Insticts Lead Us To Success?

Everyone follows their natural instincts, right? You’d be surprised to hear about how many people don’t trust themselves. Their minds, their hearts. I, too, question if I can trust myself. Sometimes trusting yourself doesn’t work out and every time it doesn’t go your way, you doubt yourself just a little bit more each time. Failure can be a horrible feeling that no one wants to go through. 

But why is failure such a horrible feeling? As human beings, it is normal for us to make mistakes and for us to react as a product of those mistakes. This “horrible feeling” can become discouraging to us and can lead to us making rash decisions. Those impulsive thoughts that you only get in the moment sometimes aren’t the most logical and when you look back, you really start to regret everything.

But why does impulsiveness lead to regret? It’s simple, you might do something that you didn’t mean to do. I myself, am a very impulsive person and can not imagine a day where I haven’t made some dumb impulsive decision. Impulsiveness can create an illusion into following the wrong path and ultimately making a horrible decision that no one wants to experience. 

But how are your natural instincts and impulsiveness different from each other? The answer can be found in the success rate of your choices. Our natural instincts are most of the time correct which leads to newfound confidence and trust within yourself. These natural instincts can be learned, shared, or taught. Everyone has their own natural tendencies! Impulsiveness is when you know that something bad may occur but you do it anyway for the thrill and excitement. No one wants to experience a bad outcome! 

Next time when you decide to make a decision, no matter if it is an important or unimportant decision, using your natural instincts will make for a more satisfying experience overall. Trust yourself once in a while and see how it pays off!

One thought on “Do Our Natural Insticts Lead Us To Success?

  1. Yes! I love this whole blog post. We should always trust ourselves in whether or not the outcome is good or bad. I remember one time I decided to go with my gut answer for a test for all of the problems instead of changing answers and second-guessing. Because of this, I was able to get 100% on that test. Trusting ourselves really does wonders.


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